Bonus Episode 2: Abolition! Listen now | American Freedom and the Underground Railroad
Episode 14: The Underground RailroadListen now (24 min) | Abolitionists, the Fugitive Slave Act and the Road to Freedom
Episode 13: The Wilmot ProvisoListen now |
Episode 12: The Bear Flag RepublicListen now | Join us for the wild history of the Kearny expedition, John C. Fremont, the dawn of American California, and the fate of the west. If you…
Episode 11: From the Halls of MontezumaListen now (55 min) | The Scott Campaign, Veracruz to Mexico City
Episode 10: The Most Unjust WarListen now | The Mexican-American War & The Taylor Campaign of 1846-1847
Episode 9: The Dark HorseListen now | The Presidency of James K. Polk
Episode 8: The Empire of SlaveryListen now |
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